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Strong dose 1 - trip levels

Discussion in 'How-To' started by Jox, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. Jox

    Jox New Member

    Nov 23, 2017
    Hi all,

    If you find this useful say something to get me motivated to write all parts.


    Contrary to common sense with mind altering substances, is that we compare them with poison alcohol - less is better. With medicinal plants more is better.
    As you will see, level 3,4 is when one will start the experience. One can interpret it as conscious dreaming, which is in itself detoxing of the brain. As you can guess at first the brain has a lot to detox, over time it gets easier.
    The other thing is that on level 3,4 the rational mind wants to be in control, and it goes back and forth, this is very exhausting and eve frustrating. Thus paradoxically level 5 is the easiest and the most healing, under proper conditions of course.

    I will cover lightly following medicinal plants, Aya, mushrooms and Ibogaine. Only these are safe and easy to use in high doses, especially for the beginners.

    Mescaline, LSD, morning glory are not recommended for high doses, nor for newbies on lower doses. The reason is that it doesn't affect muscle motion, so you can move arround and that can be very problematic, this will be discussed in second post.


    One feels a little buzz, like two bears or one cocktail, something is happening but not much.

    The colors are brighter, the sounds are stronger, but you are still yourself.

    One starts "thinking" in a different and more clear way, now there is some visual deformations, but still not much, one can walk arround, and socialize, but it takes some effort. This is usually what some people consider as mushroom trip.

    One can't walk arround, is stuck to the ground, bed probably, social interactions are impossible. One is immersed in visions, but still has the concept of the body and his/her own consciousness.

    Called ego death, the body gets dissolved as well as the consciousness. This is desired level, it sounds scary but in reality is easier than #4, or 3, because you let go and are in the space of the plant, there is no any holding on.

    For specific plants:

    - the above is more typical for mushrooms, mescaline, LSD, and DMT. Not understanding this is very problematic, and people may think that they are doing healing, when indeed they are just scratching the surface or entertaing themselves. Retreats with Aya usually stay at best at 3-4 levels, or for some who are resistant to harmalas even at level 1.

    - Iboga/aine
    One usually aims to so called "full flood" which is level 5.

    - Aya, it really doesn't exactly applies to described levels, if I write more I will go in detail on these levels.

    High levels 4 and 5 on any plan absolutely need:
    SET - dark room, night, no noise of any kind, and 6 hours of fast
    SETTING - not so crucial, but if something extraordinary happens like witnessing car accident, terrible fight with somebody... then it is not good to do it. Regular unpleasant events are not to be considered.
    SITTER - this will be another entry, but it is fundamental to have one, the job of a sitter is simple yet difficult: - patience and presence, this is all, no internet, texting, walking arround and making noise, turning on lights...

    All plants are different but this is general idea. I can go plant by plant, mushrooms and Aya are similar, but ibogaine is very different. The reason why I recommend these plants is, that you body will be glued to the bed and one will not be able even to move in the bed, much less walk. This containment to the bed makes you unable to run arround if panick for some reason. This is easier on the sitter too.

    Only mushrooms in the first phase cause some anxiety, but it goes away quickly. Aya doesn't produce any anxiety, nor fear of any kind, yet it may be emotionally overwhelming, is hard to explain. Ibogaine, is the easiest on the emotional level, is neutral, like watching TV, but has many other consideration.

    One clarification when I mention Aya I am really taking pharma. Which I may explain the differences in future posts.

    Work with plans needs dedication, persistence. One trip 5 may help a lot but won't do the job. Therapy, especially psychoanalysis Lacanian type is the best, and Buddhist meditation. They are the other two legs of a spiritual tripod.

    So let me know what you think and if I should continue writing...

    Last edited: Dec 12, 2017
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  2. HeraclitusSage

    HeraclitusSage New Member

    Apr 7, 2017
    Thanks for the entry. A few sentences particularly caught my attention.

    "As you can guess at first the brain has a lot to detox, over time it gets easier."
    I sure hope so! I have been trying to figure out the place of psychedelics in my life, and I feel they have some important role in my future journey. I definitely have a lot of "stuff" to deal with; my recent trips were, by and large, extremely paranoid (relatively low doses). There were even certain actions I regret--fortunately nothing that jeopardized my career.

    "The reason is that [LSD...] doesn't affect muscle motion, so you can move arround and that can be very problematic..."
    For me: 'the incapacitating element of mushrooms might prevent regretted behaviour.'

    "SITTER - ....it is fundamental to have one"
    I am trying to figure this one out. Over the last 2 years I have made an effort, and found some people in my area who use psychedelics from time to time; no actual trip-sitter yet. This is something I need to keep problem-solving--the several obstacles to me having a trip sitter.

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